Now a days Cowhide has many, many uses in our society, such as upholstery
for furniture and area rugs or wall hangings. Also for coats, jackets, purses,
luggage, hand bags, wallets and many other accessories.

It is tanned leather with fur on one side of the leather that can be used in
decorating and
designing. Cowhide rugs will not move around much when placed on the floor
because of its rough, leathery texture.

Taking care of your cowhide is necessary to prolong its beauty, luster and life.
You will want to keep it clean, avoiding or removing dust particles and dirt or
other debris that will most definitely be brought into your home or office.

Cleaning cowhide sofas, cowhide chairs, cowhide love seats, cowhide
ottomans, cowhide wall hangings and cowhide throw rugs as well as purses.
Not to mention luggage, hand bags, wallets and other accessories including
jackets, coats and other apparel. The following methods apply to every one of
these items and any others you may have.


If a cowhide rug spread it out flat on a clean floor.

If a sofa, chair or other piece of furniture clean off all items.

If a pillow, purse or luggage place it on a clean work surface or table.

If a jacket spread it out on a clean work surface or table.

Sweep the cowhide in the direction that the hair flows to remove any loose
debris from the cowhide. Any remaining debris can be picked off by hand if it is

Gently vacuum the cowhide using the hose and brush attachment for
upholstery in the direction that the hair flows.

If a liquid spill has occurred use a soft, clean, white, dry cloth to remove as
much as possible immediately by blotting several times with as many new dry
cloths as necessary.

If a pasty spill such as peanut butter, jelly or anything of that consistency,
scrape it in the direction that the hair flows with a plastic spatula or something
similar to get as much up and off of the cowhide as possible. After that use a
soft, clean hair brush to remove the any remaining debris. Once you have
removed all but the residual stain, soak a clean, soft, white cloth in fairly warm
water and blot it to soften the remainder of the spill and wipe away. Mostly you
will always wipe in the direction that the hair flows, however, sometimes it will
be necessary to fluff and cross wipe it to get any stubborn debris from the
bottom of the hairs. Continue to repeat the process as many times as
necessary always using fresh fairly warm water and a new clean, soft, white
cloth. If you can not get it all out after 3 times this way, then let it dry
thoroughly out in between the cleaning process.

After you have done the best you can with clean water and it has dried out
thoroughly, mix a little clear, mild dish washer soap in fairly warm water and
try to get any remaining stain out of any of the lighter color hair. NEVER try to
speed up the drying process in between the procedures with a heat source
such as a heater or hair dryer. You can use a fan or a hair dryer in the no heat
mode if you want to though.
Cleaning Instructions For Cowhide Furniture
How to clean cowhide?
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